vSAN,… correction its VSAN,… OK, OK, its vSAN now, VSAN and Virtual SAN are wrong.

I spent 4 years at EMC prior to moving to VMware over 3 years ago to join the Software Defined Storage team. At EMC it was always a challenge to get the acronyms and names correct. When Acadia (VCE) first came out with the “Vblock” everybody wanted to type it as “vBlock”. I’d always try to subtly correct it and hope people got the hint. Other times I’d straight out correct them and feel like a jerk. But, to me, using the proper name was and is important. The same problem happened with “VPLEX”, everyone wanted to type it “vPLEX”. Why did people want to do this? Well, it’s VMware’s fault because they named things like “vSphere” and “vCenter” and later “vCloud” and “vRealize”. So when I joined VMware it was odd to me that we called our upcoming product “VSAN” and not “vSAN”. I’ve spent 3 years correcting Customers and VMware people one way or another that publically, and in product documentation, VMware actually could only call our product “Virtual SAN”. Many people, including me, got lazy and called it “VSAN”… but it was definitely not “vSAN”. Well, yesterday that all changed. Without going into detail, “vSAN” is the only name to use. Virtual SAN and VSAN are no more. Now I have to go fix all my spell checkers.

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