2 Great Bootcamps coming up at VMware Partner Exchange – PEX 2014

SDDC3522-BC – Software-Defined Storage Technical Boot Camp

This session will be all day on Saturday 2/8/2014 starting at 8:30AM.  I will be presenting the SDDC and VSAN overview as well as the vSphere Flash Read Cache Technical Presentation.  The technical deep dive on VSAN will be presented by Wade Holmes and a few other guest speakers.  Wade has authored a couple of the Hardware Configuration guidance blogs on SSD and IO Controllers and has been feverishly testing VSAN in all sorts of configurations in preparation for product launch.  I’m excited about the technical depth that Wade will go into and know our partners will get a ton of good information out of this session.  In addition, one of our engineers, Joe Cook, has been working with a bunch of customers to implement VSAN.  He will share the processes he’s been using for Proof of Concepts as well as present how to monitor and troubleshoot VSAN.  As a bonus, he’ll share a new tool that we’ve developed to help our partners analyze customer environments in preparation for VSAN and other VMware technologies. 

3579-SPO – EMC’s Game Changing Solution Roadmaps, Resources & Partner Programs

This session will be all day Monday 2/10/2014 starting at 8:30AM.  Prior to my current position as a Software Defined Storage SE for VMware I was an EMC vSpecialist for almost 4 years.  So this session is near and dear to my heart.  I just sat through the EMC Elect PEX planning concall and saw the full agenda for this one.  Lots of great presenter’s including of course Chad Sakic, Jason Nash, Aaron Chaisson, Rob Peglar, Brian Whitman, and others.  Chad will kick things off but you’ll need to download the NDA form from the PEX schedule builder and bring the signed copy in order to get into the session.

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