Virtual SAN (VSAN) Beta, now 17% larger!

In a previous post here I detailed the Scale Up and Scale Out capabilities of VSAN.  It looks like I’ll need to redo my diagrams since Virtual SAN just increased the number of HDDs in a disk group from 6 to 7.  That’s a 17% increase in RAW capacity.  The number of SSD’s remain 1 per disk group, 5 per host, 40 per 8 host cluster.  With the increase from 6 to 7 HDD’s per disk group you can now have 35 HDD’s per host and in an 8 host cluster an increase from 240 to 280 HDD’s.  That’s an extra 40 HDD’s which translates to a ton of extra RAW capacity.

Virtual SAN Enabled vSphere Cluster Fully Scaled Up and Out 2

To support this increase you’ll need to download the recently released VSAN Beta code found on the VMware Virtual SAN Community page.

Also check out this great post on Virtual SAN – Sizing Considerations.

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