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VMware Edge and IoT Content Reference Guide – How do I learn more about VMware Edge and IoT?

Often I get asked where to go to learn more about VMware Edge and IoT. I plan to keep this page up to date with the latest and greatest content references. If you know something is missing or needs updating, please feel free to let me know.

VMware internal people can start with VMVAULT and search for the Pulse IoT Center page.

For both VMware and non-VMware people, here are some links:

Pulse IoT Center

VMware Pulse IoT Center Main Website
VMware Edge and IoT Blog 
VMware IoT Solutions
VMware Compatibility Guide: Edge Gateways for Pulse IoT Center
VMware Compatibility Guide: Embedded Systems for Pulse IoT Center
VMware Docs – Pulse IoT Center
VMware {code} – Pulse API
Liota GitHub
VMware Product Walkthroughs – Pulse IoT Center
Hands on Labs – (Note: the new Pulse 2.0 HoL will be posted very soon)
Request an Evaluation of Pulse IoT Center
YouTube – VMware for Internet of Things
Twitter – VMware IoT: @vmwareIoT 
LinkedIn – VMware IoT:
VMworld 2019 Playback URLs – US IoT Sessions (First 10 sessions under “Emerging Trends”)
VMworld 2018 Playback URLs – US IoT Sessions  |  Europe IoT Sessions

VMware Edge & IoT Related Blogs

Edge & IoT IoT Industry Blogs

Telco Cloud

vCloud NFV
VMware Smart Assurance

Photon OS

Photon OS GitHub
VMware {code} – Photon
Hands on Lab – HOL-1930-01-CNA – Project Photon OS and Container Basics – Getting Started

ESXi & vSphere at the Edge

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC
Introducing Project Dimension
What is VMware Project Dimension Video
ESXi on a Raspberry Pi
ESXi on ARM/Raspberry Pi for vSAN Witness purposes or for?

VeloCloud Edge

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud

Other Interesting Links

EdgeX Foundry 
Dell Boomi